Promo video AsgardMU event

Many important information and rules
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Mon Jan 28, 2019 2:04 pm

Dear players,

considering our growing community it is in our interest to promote server. We would like to create promo video which will attract new players to our community. Our AsgardMU team decided to start contest where we look for those, who have experience with creating, editing and cutting videos and picked one will create mentioned promo video of our AsgardMU server. Each work should be rewarded therefore winner of contest will be rewarded in form of web credits which won't be small amount ;) In case of longer cooperation, there is possibility to become one of AsgardMU team member. Those who are interested send us message via our FB fan page: or via email :

Message should include nickname of your ingame character and also your previous videos that you created, edited or work with. No further information is needed although if you feel to tell us smomething about you, you're free to do so. We will reply to each contestant in a shortest possible time .

We're looking forward and wish you the best luck !

AsgardMU team.