Full Reset Reward

Many important information and annoucements
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Thu Feb 28, 2019 11:54 am

Dear players,

Since we have the first FR characters here, we will introduce a reward for this achievement.

Reward for FR 400lvl / 50rr / 3GR :
- new character with 50 reset (of their choice)
- 100 000 Ruud
- 30 JoH
- 30 HRS

For reward write ticket on website.

We hope that you will enjoy and if you want to try a different character, so it helps. Next, I would like to notify you that this is not everything. In the future, will be open Super reset. Super reset will be three times and for each you will get 1000 Stat Points. For each Super reset you will need a special item. The first 7 players to reach 50 Reset + 3 Grand Reset + 3 Super Reset will receive the GOLDEN FENRIR. More information about Super Reset will be the next post.

Thank you and have fun.
Admin team AsgradMU