Rewards for full res

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Mon Feb 25, 2019 3:49 pm

Hi guys,

Yesterday on the special (yearly? monthly? weekly? :o ) server call, we discussed various topics including the idea of a reward for full res players. The original thought by admins was to grant someone a 50res 0GR char of their own choosing to a new account (essentially offering you a kick start for alt, if you wish it). Unfortunately, there's a lot of us who already have 2 chars or aren't interested in getting another one. Hence we proposed the idea of choosing an alternative reward for other people, who do not want a new character. I gave this some thought and here's some of my suggestions...

Each full res (50res 3GR) character will get to choose between one of the following "boons":

1) The original idea - a new character on a new acc of their own choosing with 50res 0GR. Either naked or with some very basic gear.
= This option is for someone, who wants an alt or is unhappy with his main character and wants a "reroll" essentially.

2) Ruud boost - around 250k ruud? (to get some mastery gear)
Now before you put your arms in the air and start yelling, consider this - everyone who plays long enough on the full res char will get enough ruud eventually. Especially now, since the admins are considering adding more ruud options (also discussed on the call). This reward is basically for a FR char who needs to buy some basic mastery gear and/or weapons. 250k will give you the basic stuff, you still need to unlock it though. Or maybe you already have Blood angel and want to upgrade it to Dark angel. Then that's also what you can use this ruud for. You're not gonna ride this ticket forever (because trust me, 250k will only get you so far), but you will get a good start. I was thinking the number between 200-250k.

3) JoH / HRS boost - around 150 JoHs, 30 HRS? (to upgrade your current gear)
Similar as above, this option is for someone who doesn't want an alt, but rather customization for his gear. Again, 150 JoHs will only get you so far - depends how lucky you are. :) (for example - I blew about 100 JoHs into my gear and got 3/6 options I wanted... soo, yeah..) JoHs are relatively rare, but still not so rare that you couldn't just farm this amount. HRS is more common I think, so no need to give too much of it. Also, you usually don't need as many of them as you need JoHs. This option is basically for someone who reached FR, doesn't want an alt, already has got his hands on decent gear but wants to optimize it. Again, amounts could be tweaked a bit. I was thinking of maybe giving a little more here to be on par with the ruud package.

Now keep in mind that the rewards should (in my opinion) at least reflect a little bit the similar time investment (new character vs jewel, ruud farm). Obviously it's still easier to farm either the ruud or jewels, rather than invest your time into 50res brand new chacater (because you need a solid party for that, exp boosts, gear etc.). So from a simple time investment analysis, option 1 should still yield the best value. Options 2 and 3 are alternatives for those, who are not interested in the 1st one. What do you think?

Also, I would like to make this very clear - these rewards are not meant to be for like "first 10" or something. It needs to be for ALL FR players, otherwise it doesn't make sense.
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Tue Feb 26, 2019 1:48 am

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Tue Feb 26, 2019 10:22 am


how about this:
Reward for full res includes full master level too (maybe even 4th Q levels?) to make it a bit more challenging. At this point player achieved everything (if 4th is included) and probably has everything, or most stuff he wants. So to reward this achievement and all the hours spent lvling etc. maybe give him something special, for example im thinking of gold fenrir as "thank you brother that u spent your time and cash here". Of course all players should be able to obtain reward for "finishing" i dont even know where that came from to reward only 10 ppl, i mean thats just stupid.
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Thu Feb 28, 2019 11:04 am

Priklanam sa k odmene ruud. Vcera som komunikoval s Hypnom cez PM v hre a spominal mi nieco o odmene ze bud druha postava (pre vacsinu hracou nepodstatne) alebo 100K ruud. Coz mi pride ako odmena za 3mesiace non stop hrania celkom smiesne. Cize suhlasim so Snipovym navrhom aspon tych 250K ruud.
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Thu Feb 28, 2019 11:38 am

Ono to nema byť odmena má to byť len akýsi bonus hlavne toto ešte nieje FR a hlavne aké 3 mesiace? :D Práve prešli 2mesiace od spustenia servera :D

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