/offlevel rule

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Tue Feb 05, 2019 4:35 pm


I would not say I did not expect it, but I certainly did not expect it to such an extent, oh yes, we're talking about offlevel abuse while killing bosses and gold monsters.

So I decided to add a new rule that prohibits the use of offlevel to kill bosses and gold monsters.


If the player comes to the boss or the golden monster and turns on / offlevel to help him kill him, he will be punished for breaking the rules.
If a player is near a boss or a gold monster and is afraid to be killed by other players&turns on / offlevel as a protection against other players, he will punished for breaking the rules.

If player camps on a spot, such as a tarkan2 and a golden monster, is spawned there during an invasion, a violation of the rules will not be taken.

As evidence I will take personal control, screens from members of the team admin and screens from players whose game is disturbed by people who are trying to use / offlevel to the things defined at the top of the text.