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1. New Earring Mastery

- Are added 2 new Earring "Ancient Earring".
- Having equipped at the same time both Earrings, additional options are described in Ancient Earring unblocked.
- The Earring can be raised to level +15 through the NPC "Chaos Goblin" in box combination "Earring Enhancement".
- For increasing levels of Earing is necessary "Lapidary Stone".
- Earring Ancient (L) is assigned to the left slot, next to armor and it is necessary to have 700 level for wearing it.
- Earring Ancient (R is assigned to the right slot, next to armor and it is necessary to have 750 level for waeraing it.
- The Earring can be used to create the "Lapidary Stone".
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2. Create Earring Ancient

- The Earring Ancient can be obtained through a combination of Wrath where is Earring necessary.
- The Earring of Wrath must be +11 +15 for use in combination
- It adds a new article "Ancient Frame" for use in combination, this article is obtained in the store Ruud NPC "James" in Elveland.
- A combination when the option Earring be allocated to chance.
- The Earring you have 3 options you more likely to get up to 2 options.
frame.png (36.89 KiB) Viewed 114 times
3. Combination

- Earring of Wrath (L) is required to create Earring Ancient (L).
- Earring of Wrath (R) is required to create Earring Ancient (R).
combination tabulka.png
combination tabulka.png (9.18 KiB) Viewed 114 times
- If the combination fails, all items will disappear and Earing of Wrath will go down to +0

4. Options earring Ancient

- The options are increased to raise the level of the earring
earing lvl.png
earing lvl.png (16.62 KiB) Viewed 114 times
5. Additional Options

- The Earring (L) and (R) may have from 1 to 3 maximum additional options of five currently available.
- Bonus options:
- Two additional options were added to the Earring and can be actived only when you are using both of Earring (L) and (R).
values.png (19.83 KiB) Viewed 114 times
6. Ancient Earring New Options

- New options are apply only to the Ancient Earring (L)
- Mastery Power Attack / Wizardry Increase
- Mastery Increase Excellent Damage
- Mastery Critical Damage Increase
- The value of Mastery options will increase up to the level of Earring.
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