Monster Soul Conversion

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1. Conversion Monster Soul

- Monster Soul is added the conversion to receive rewards for killing the monsters and collect his souls.
- And asking for your reward will obtain Currency Ruud, Jewels, Rune Elemental, Pentagram, Errtel, Lapidary Stone, Earring of Wrath, Bless of Light (bound), Cherry Blossoms, etc.

2. Information Monster Soul Conversion

- Conversion Soul Monster collects the souls of the dead monsters.
- It required Completing the souls of the dead monsters, when you ask for reward.
- There are 5 types of Monster Soul Conversion, each separated according to the level of difficulty.
- The requirements and rewards depending on the difficulty level of monsters, is monster has higher level of the Soul Monster Conversion, the reward will be greater.
- You can have only one conversion Soul Monster in your inventory.
- There is a limit of Monster Soul Conversion available per week.
- There is an deadline to complete the mission regardless of the date of purchase of Monster Soul conversion, this will end at the end of the maintenance.
- After the deadline Soul Monster Conversion will be expired and can not be used.
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3. How to Play Monster Soul Conversion

a) Buy Monster Soul Conversion
- To play Monster Soul Conversion you will have to buy the Monster Soul James Conversion NPC located in Elveland.
(You can preview the requirements necessary to complete the mission of the Soul Monster Conversion)
- The Monster Soul Conversion can not be purchased before or after maintenance 0:30 am to 11:00 am.
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b) Conversion Monster Soul Collection
- If you kill a quest monsters you have some chance of getting your soul.
(The acquisition of the soul can be shared by members of the party, if you have the same mission)
- The Soul of the monster will be counted in the description of Soul Monster Conversion at the Quest window
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c) Recieve Reward
- You ask for rewards by pressing right click on the Monster Soul Conversion on "Quest log"
- You can select the type of reward
Types of Rewards:
- Higher level of Monster Soul Conversion will give you more valuable rewards.
- Rewards are periodacally.
- There are 2 types of rewards, Fixed and random.
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4. Missions:
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