New Map Atlans Abyss

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1. New Map Atlans (Abyss)

- Atlans (Abyss) consists of three regions.
- The level of monsters is different in each region.
- Some monsters have attacks of high rank.
- All monsters Atlans (Abyss) have resistance options (Critical Chance Damage Increase and Increase Excellent Damage Chance).
- All monsters Atlans (Abyss) have resistance to the Debuff of the Enhanced Skill Tree.

2. Entering

- Required Level:
a) Atlans 1 (Abyss) Required Level 1000
b) Atlans 2 (Abyss) Required Level 1020
c) Atlans 3 (Abyss) Required Level 1030

3. Motion Window

- You can enter Atlans (Abyss) from the window of movement, on the upper left side of your monitor. Time to move to the map of Zen will cost 50,000.

4. Drop Atlans (Abyss)

- You can drop excellent Soul Eye items from this monsters.

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